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Hi there everyone!

My name is Wendy and I am a (16) 17-year old IB student from Hong Kong. I've started this food blog because of my love for baking and the art of food photography. After getting enthralled by some gorgeously-styed photos on flickr and following (for a few years) some fantastic food blogs, I wanted to have mine too, but just never really got the time.

Well, My Buttery Fingers is actually not my first blog. I started one two years ago when I was 15 (still a carefree teenager with no work to do...), but I had to stop posting because I was doing my GCSE exams and I couldn't afford to procrastinate. Click here if you want to check it out.

Now I am doing the IB Programme, meaning I have to juggle six subjects (along with a plethora of other things) with baking and photography. But somehow, (on a whim?) I've decided to start fresh with this blog, because I figured out if I don't start now, I'll regret it. Being a busy high school student might mean that my posts here won't be as frequent as others, but I hope that will not discourage myself to keep posting as much as I can!

As a newbie into the food-bloggosphere, My Buttery Fingers is probably no different to other blogs. Prehaps no-one will even read this. Maybe the name is too lame that no-one will click it. But I don't mind, because its good enough for me to share my 'two cents' and to be part of this blogging family :)

Here are some other places where you can find me in the virtual world:
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Email me at ''

Thank You for reading this (lengthy) introduction about the girl behind My Buttery Fingers! - Wendy

All Text and Photos (c) Wendy Au Yeung 2009

7 Responses to “About”

Marina said...

Hi Wendy, I think your blog is fantastic. Really nice the colours you choosed!
I am a neophyte like you in the blogger world, here there is my blog: (ah, it's in Italian...)
Don't mind about the visits on your blog, you're so clever. I'm sure you'll become well-known.
Are you a "kitchen school" student?

Marina said...

Hi Wendy, don't mind about visits on your blog. You're so clever, I'm sure you'll become well-known.
I am a neophyte too... This is my blog:
Are you a "kitchen school" student? You're so young :P
Bye, I hope to be in contact with you (oh, I'm sorry for my horrible English, my teacher is not so good... :P)

Marina said...

oh sorry, I saw that my first comment was not visible because you have to approvate it. I sent you twice the same comment :P

Wendy said...

Re: Marina
Thank you for your compliments! Nope, I'm not a kitchen student - I go to an ordinary secondary/high school :)

Debs said...

Go Wendy! Good luck with your IB, and keep up with the blogging. I love it, going to try your quiche out tonight.

Doris said...

I found your website by chance! Since then, I've followed you. There's lots here I can relate to. I'm currently in university who loves to cook/bake and I've been contemplating starting up a blog, but with all the work that lies in between makes it seem impossible. Thanks for the encouragement, and keep up the good work!

Eugenia said...

i love your blog's name! i mean, who doesn't love butter? :D i think maybe in blog-world, my blog is your blog's cousin. i got mine, i just started to blog a few months ago, and am not posting as frequent as other blogger yet ;P

anw, love to find your blog today :)

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