Friday, May 1, 2009

Matcha and Chocolate

matcha, chocolate, buns, matcha chocolate buns, bread, green, food, bakingThis was made two weeks ago, during my Easter holidays. No, I wasn't having a wonderful time relaxing, but I was slaving on my Geography coursework (which is now finished, thankfully).

I needed some stress relief. I hadn't baked in ages. So I decided to make bread. You know, the kneading and punching of dough is the best way to vent your frustration, and despite all the arm power used to knead, it is actually very therapeutic.

Many may ask that bread is so easily available at bakeries, why bother spending hours kneading, proofing and shaping just to make a few measly buns? Well, I personally think that fresh, piping hot homemade buns are just the reason why I do it. And, because I still think that being able to make soft, fluffy and tasty bread makes me feel pro, so I'm satisfying my inner ego as well :)

Okay, back to the recipe. Every time I want to make bread, I always turn to Happy Home Baker for her recipes. This time I chose this recipe, which seemed easy enough to make without me needing to run down to the supermarket to buy whipping cream or other ingredients.

So, the final product was wonderful fresh from the oven. The chocolate chips go really well with the refreshing taste of matcha, and the texture of the buns were just what I was looking for. And I'm pretty pleased with the result, maybe because the bottoms were not over baked and didn't turn dark brown. I blame this on my tiny, temperamental oven; sometimes I need to decrease baking temperatures by almost 20'C to get things baking without getting charred!

So, this was my first official food post on this site. Thanks for visiting my blog, and comments are very much appreciated!

3 Responses to “Matcha and Chocolate”

Claire said...

Congratulations on your blog! I agree with you that nothing beats the scent and taste of homemade bread =)

Wendy said...

Re: Claire
Thanks for your comment, the first ever one on my blog :)
Btw, your site is really creative!

Marina said...

Matcha.... The best thing in the world. First time I smelt it I thoght it was terrible, but now I love it :D

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