Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Temporary Farewell

For those who check out my Flickr photostream from time to time, you may have seen a sudden bombardment of random school photos - class photos, photos of people dressed up as soliders or fictional characters and photos with 200-odd heads peeking at you.

As you may have guessed, last week was my last ever week of high school and the whole of Year 13 dressed up according to different themes for each day - we had "Uniform with a Twist Day", "Fictional Characters Day" (my friends and I dressed up as red card soldiers from Alice in the Wonderland), "LAIRE Day" (which is basically everyone dressing up as warriors of sorts and we had a whole year 'battle' at lunchtime) and on the last day, we all wore our KGV Class of 2010 shirts that one of our classmates designed.

I guess the title of this post has two meanings. To my readers, I'm going to be having my first exam in exactly 13 days from today, so I will be initiating a baking and blogging ban on myself. It's going to be hard on me, but these exams, strictly speaking is going to determine the next phase of my life - university. Maybe it's the Chinese genes or something, I'm quite a study freak, so in the next 6 weeks my life is going to be revolved around study notes and past papers. My last exam is on May 24th and I promise that I'll be posting then, so a temporary farewell!
To my year group and myself, it's sure been hard to say farewell to high school. After all, it is the place we have gone to everyday and grown up in for the last 7 years. We've all changed so much, matured so much, experienced so much and learned so much more than we would have imagined upon of first step into KGV. To quote from our Head Girl's extremely fitting speech on our last assembly - "I came to this school a one man wolf pack." I think this line really says it all, and I am so glad that in these 7 years I have met so many people, made friends with so many people, cried and laughed and argued with and baked for so many people!

I really could not ask for anymore; I'm sure this is going to be a temporary farewell, even though we all part our ways for our next phase in life, I'm going to remember my high school life in my heart and that will certainly never leave me. And here I'd like to make a shout out: "Thank you, KGV Class of 2010 for making my high school life truly memorable, I had the time of my life. I wish everyone of you the best of luck in the future. I love you all!!"

And of course, I wouldn't have imagined to not bake anything for my last ever high school lessons! Here are the things I baked throughout the week, and coming to think of's the last ever time I will for my classmates and friends :(

For our English Tea Party, I made a fruit tart - a sweet tart crust filled with vanilla bean pastry cream and topped with strawberries and peaches. My teacher also baked us a cheesecake, YTH baked chocolate cupcakes and we also had crisps, and Earl Grey tea to make it a real 'tea' party!

For Biology, I baked some chocolate cupcakes. I tried to make a caramel cream cheese frosting, but it failed as the caramel was bitter (I just fail with wet caramels) so I woke up at 5am to make another frosting. Because I was totally still half asleep and lacking creative juices at that time, I decorated them with white chocolate piped into some diagrams we learn in Biology. They're so badly done I'd probably get no marks, but Biologists, can you guess what they are? :)

For French, I baked madeleines. I took the fuss to bake them early in the morning too, so they tasted really fresh when we had them. I love the lemony flavour of classic madeleines as it balances the butter and sugar out. Can't stop munching on them!

I also baked some Chocolate Coffee Sandwich Cookies. The filling is a white chocolate ganache with some instant coffee. I totally forgot to take photos of these, so photo courtesy of my friend A. (form class buddy :D) Recipe from Joy the Baker.

Well this is it for now...I'll be back in late May!!

6 Responses to “A Temporary Farewell”

YT said...

'Twas fun while it lasted, I guess. Not quite time to let go just yet, though.

Why didn't I inherit those particular genes? I have virtually no motivation to study...

Hey, all the best in your exams! See ya in late May.

And, thank you for all the fabulous recipes you've shared with us here! I just made brownies with that recipe you gave here. Planning on mochi cakes. Will see how it goes.

Lovely baked goods you've got there! Love the tart especially, simple and yet remarkably fruity!

Bob said...

Man, your school sounds like more fun than mine was. Plus all the treats look great. Good luck on your exams!

Wendy, all the best in your exam and I looking forward for your return to baking!! Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

Great posts! Good luck for your exam.
When your're back, could you share the fruit tart recipe? It looks soooo delish!

Holly said...

Wow! all foods you baked are so mouthwatering. It's really difficult leaving high-school because it has a lot of memories there.

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